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The Brain from Planet Arous




A strange alien ship crash lands in the California desert bringing a terrifying and evil intelligence from another planet whose mission is to conquer the world using subversive mind control. Wonderful Atomic Age entertainment with floating brains, telepathic possession, atom bombs and a scientist whose eyes can destroy planes in mid-flight, plus a sex starved alien brain monster with lustful desires for beautiful leading lady Joyce Meadows, who delicately refuses it's advances with a meat ax...

Us release date: October 01, 1957

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Us poster from the movie The Brain from Planet Arous

Main Cast

  • Steve March
  • Sally Fallon
  • Dan Murphy
  • John Fallon
  • Colonel in Conference Room
  • Colonel Frogley
  • Général Brown
  • Sheriff Wiley Pane
  • Russian

Also Known As

  • Мозг с планеты Ароус (inc)

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