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The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes




Before nerds, geeks and cyberpunks, there was regular-guy Medfield College student Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell), who accidentally turns into a human computer through a shocking lab mishap. As the hype over his instant genius threatens to swell his head, he becomes the center of a winner-take-all tug-of-war between greedy college deans and dangerous gamblers, which lands him in big trouble. The "genius" Dexter then learns a valuable lesson when the same friends he had earlier turned his back on now rush to bail him out...

Us release date: February 18, 1995

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Us poster from the TV movie The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Main Cast

  • Dexter Riley
  • Dean Al Valentine
  • Prof. Miles Quigley
  • Will Rafferty
  • Sarah Matthews
  • Norwood Gills
  • Gozin
  • Regent Yarborough
  • Sen. Thatch
  • Alan Winsdale
  • Dean Webster Carlson
  • Penelope
  • Rich Prentiss
  • Agent Reese
  • Agent Tucker

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