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The Aliens Are Coming




Dr. Scott Dryden, an astrophysicist, is convinced that malevolent extraterrestrials are in our midst. It is Dryden contention that the invaders have assumed human form, in preparation for world conquest...

Us release date: March 02, 1980

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie The Aliens Are Coming

Main Cast

  • Dr. Scott Dryden
  • Leonard Nero
  • Girl Student
  • Lt. Col. John Sebastian
  • Frank Foley
  • Gwendolyn 'Gwen' O'Brien
  • Russ Garner
  • Floyd
  • Doctor
  • Bert Fowler
  • Joyce Cummings
  • Chuck Polchek
  • Professor Reeve
  • Timmy Garner
  • Patrolman Strong

Also Known As

  • Alien Force (us)
  • The Aliens (us)
  • The New Invaders (us)

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