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Set in the late 21st century, Earth is in crisis and the future of mankind is at risk. Hope lies in a geneticist's discovery of a "Neo-Cell" which can rejuvenate the human body, but it is used by an evil corporation to create a race of mutants bent on the annihilation of humanity. A powerful warrior, Casshern, emerges in the battle against this new menace. Only he can save the human race as it fights an ultimate war against its own extinction...

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Japanese release date: April 24, 2004
British release date: February 25, 2005

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Unknown poster from the movie Casshern

Main Cast

  • Tetsuya Azuma / Casshern
  • Luna Kozuki
  • Dr. Kotaro Azuma
  • Midori Azuma
  • Dr. Kozuki
  • Akubon
  • Sagurê
  • Barashin
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kamijo
  • Kaoru Naito
  • Sakamoto
  • Burai's wife
  • San Ikegami
  • Sekiguchi
  • Luna's mother

Also Known As

  • Kasshân (jp)

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