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Carnosaur 2




A crew of technicians is sent into a top-secret mining facility to investigate a mysterious power shortage. There, deep inside the cavernous tunnels, they discover a horrifying evolution that has occurred in complete defiance of Mother Nature...dinosaurs have returned from extinction to wreak vengeance upon mankind. Now, man and beast clash in a battle to the end. But the survival of the fittest depends upon who can escape from the mine before it explodes in a nuclear meltdown!

Us release date: February 23, 1995

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Unknown poster from the movie Carnosaur 2

Main Cast

  • Jack Reed
  • Maj. Tom McQuade
  • Ben Kahane
  • 'Monk' Brody
  • Jesse Turner
  • Sarah Rawlins
  • Ed Moses
  • Joanne Galloway
  • Joe Walker
  • Evac. Team Pilot
  • Hal Mosley
  • Davey Lewis
  • Ed O'Brien
  • Zeb
  • Evac. Team Officer


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Carnosaur II (us)

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