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Captain America II: Death Too Soon




When Simon Mills is looking for a missing scientist, he believes that a revolutionary knows as Miguel has him. And that he is using him to get his formula for something that can accelerate the aging process. So he sends Steve Rogers aka Captain America to find him. His only lead is a chemical that the scientist needs for his formula. Steve follows it to small town. It's then that Steve notices some weird things going on. Some men tell Steve to leave town. It's also then that Miguel threatens to spray the chemical on a major city unless his demands are met. Which the President will not agree to...

Us release date: November 23, 1979

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French poster from the TV movie Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Main Cast

  • Capitaine America / Steve Ro
  • Dr. Wendy Day
  • Dr. Simon Mills
  • Miguel
  • Helen Moore
  • Professeur Ian Ilson
  • Stader
  • Kramer
  • Everett Bliss
  • Yolanda
  • Docteur
  • Dr. J. Brenner
  • Young Man
  • Young Girl
  • Mrs. Shaw

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