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Captain America




The thrills never stop as star-spangled super hero Captain America races into action against America’s deadliest enemies. Red Brown stars as the legendary crime fighter and ex-marine son of the original World War II hero whose life is saved by a super steroid endowing him with extra strength, vision, hearing, and agility. Determined to carry on the duties of his late father, he dons the famed red, white, and blue costume and climbs aboard a high tech motorcycle to thwart a power mad industrialist, Steve Forrest, who threatens to destroy the City of Phoenix with a homemade neutron bomb. It’s high voltage action as the USA’s greatest hero battles for freedom and democracy...

Us release date: January 19, 1979

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French poster from the TV movie Captain America

Main Cast

  • Capitaine America / Steve Ro
  • Dr. Simon Mills
  • Dr. Wendy Day
  • Tina Hayden
  • Rudy Sandrini
  • Harley
  • Charles Barber
  • Lou Brackett
  • Jerry
  • Lester Wiant
  • F.B.I. Assistant
  • Surgeon
  • Secretary
  • Nurse
  • Jeff Haden

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