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To be an astronaut is the dream of thousands of young people around the world. It is this

dream that leads a diverse group of young Americans to enroll in Space Camp for the summer, totally unsuspecting that their "Space Play" will turn

into a real mission aboard a Space Shuttle. In the group of campers and staff accidentally launched into space is Andie, a flight instructor with

frustrated dreams of space adventure, Kathryn, a serious young lady who is determined to become an astronaut. Kevin, a brash but likable young man

who has a lot to learn about teamwork, Rudy, a frightened boy who needs self confidence, Tish, a lady with a passion for fashion who seems to have

her head in the clouds, Zach, a former astronaut and Max, whose dreams of adventure will soon be realized beyond his wildest expectations. Together,

these very different people, united by a common fascination for space flight, will learn that they must first master inner space before taking on the

challenge of the world beyond the sky.

Us release date: June 06, 1986

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Us poster from the movie SpaceCamp

Main Cast

  • Andie Bergstrom
  • Kathryn Fairly
  • Tish Ambrosei
  • Rudy Tyler
  • Max
  • Kevin Donaldson
  • Cmdr. Zach Bergstrom (An
  • Brennan
  • Launch Director
  • Banning
  • Gardener
  • NASA #1
  • NASA #2
  • Young Andie
  • NASA #3


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