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Chameleon 3: Dark Angel




Bobbie Phillips returns as the chameleon-like agent of the futuristic International Bureau of Investigation. IBI Agent Kam must protect a 15-year-old science prodigy and her scientist father who are working on a new form of energy - Dark Angel - from a major nuclear power conglomerate who want to steal the dangerous process before it is stable enough to use. (Source

Us release date: May 19, 2000

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Chameleon 3: Dark Angel

Main Cast

  • Kam
  • Dr. Tess Adkins
  • Kane
  • Ben Merrit, Kam's Handler fo
  • Victoria, IBI Shrink
  • Jeremy Callow, IBI Med Tech
  • Freeman
  • Dr. Allan Farrow
  • Dr. Adkins, Tess' Father
  • Armacost, Kane's Keeper
  • Grim the Rottweiler Dealer
  • News Anchor
  • Nietzche, Tess' Boyfriend
  • Rosa
  • The Mongoose

Also Known As

  • Chameleon 3 (us)

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