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Chameleon II: Death Match




Kam, a genetically engineered chameleon-like agent of the International Bureau of Investigation (IBI), must use her chameleon-like ability to stop a notorious, unseen criminal mastermind who has orchestrated a deadly, high-stakes hostage takeover during the grand opening of the world s most high-tech casino resort...

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Chameleon II: Death Match

Main Cast

  • Kam
  • Jake Booker
  • Webster, IBI Director
  • Nicky Quade
  • Henry Kubica
  • Reynard Dulac
  • Steven Myers
  • Tyler Kubica
  • Eva
  • Hugh
  • Erickson
  • Acosta
  • Leggy Beauty
  • Dekker
  • Ford, IBI Tech

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