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Bye Bye Jupiter




In the 22nd Century, mankind has well overpopulated the Earth, and the outer planets are being considered for terraforming and colonization. The United Earth Federation approves of the Solar System Development Organization's "Jupiter Solarization Project," under the command of a brilliant young scientist, Dr. Eiji Honda. The project will "solarize" the planet Jupiter -- transforming it into a miniature "sun," thus providing life-giving warmth to the outer planets, making them habitable for human life.
In space, nears the Pluto area, the "Space Arrow", a spaceship is literally pulled apart, causing the ship to disintegrate. On Moonbase, investigation on the "Space Arrow" disaster comes to the horrible conclusion that a rogue black hole is entering our solar system on a direct course for the sun...
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Japanese release date: March 17, 1984

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Us poster from the movie Bye Bye Jupiter (Sayônara, Jûpetâ)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Eiji Honda
  • Maria Basehart
  • Anita
  • Dr. Millicent Wilem
  • Peter
  • Booker
  • Carlos
  • Captain Hoger Kinn
  • Webb
  • Dr. Inoue Ryutarou
  • Dr. Mohammed Mansur
  • Earth Federation President
  • Senator Shadllic (Earth Fede
  • American Scientist
  • Tour Guide

Also Known As

  • Sayonara Jupiter (inc)
  • Bye-Bye Jupiter (int)

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