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The Burning Zone




"Under a special mandate from the White House a secret bio-crisis team has been formed. The assignment, to fight microscopic enemies in zones that are burning. To enter places no-one else would go. On the front line of the plague wars, we are the point of the spear."

The show followed a group of scientists/agents who each week battled another runaway virus or disease. While some of the plagues were seemingly accidents, as the season woore on, hints were dropped that in fact many of the diseases were being spread by a secret society, who believed that the only way the world could be saved was through a catastrophic disaster...
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British release date: March 03, 1997
Us release date: September 03, 1996

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Us poster from the series The Burning Zone

Main Cast

  • Dr. Daniel Cassian
  • Agent Michael Hailey
  • Dr. Edward Marcase
  • Dr. Kimberly Shiroma
  • Dr. Brian Taft



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