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Destination Saturn




We are in 2440. The crew of a space rocket discovers Buck Rogers and Roger "Buddy" Wade, in complete hibernation trapped under the ice, as they were going for a world tour in their balloon in 1938. Taken to the hidden city, they meet Dr. Huer and Wilma Deering. The former explains them that a gas, present in their balloon, has dived them into a long 500 years's sleep...

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Us poster from the TV movie Destination Saturn

Main Cast

  • Buck Rogers (archives)
  • Wilma Deering (archives)
  • George 'Buddy' War
  • Capitaine Rankin (archives)
  • Killer Kane (archives)
  • Professeur Huer (archives)


No available information for now.


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn (us)

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