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A voyage to the frontiers of human knowledge and beyond. A recording machine has been invented which, when linked with brainwave sensors and computer technology, can record intellectual, emotional and even physical sensations...

British release date: December 23, 1983
Us release date: September 30, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Brainstorm

Main Cast

  • Michael Brace
  • Karen Brace
  • Lillian Reynolds
  • Alex Terson
  • Gordy Forbes
  • Landan Marks
  • Robert Jenkins
  • Hal Abramson
  • James Zimbach
  • Chris Brace
  • Security Technician
  • Chef
  • Andrea
  • Animal Lab Technician
  • Barry

Also Known As

  • Мозговой штурм (inc)
  • The Gordon Forbes Tapes (us)

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