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The Box




What if someone gave you a box containing a button that, if pushed, would bring you a million dollars...but simultaneously take the life of someone you don't know? Would you do it? And what would be the consequences? The year is 1976. Norma Lewis is a teacher at a private high school and her husband, Arthur, is an engineer working at NASA. They are, by all accounts, an average couple living a normal life in the suburbs with their young son...until a mysterious man with a horribly disfigured face appears on their doorstep and presents Norma with a life-altering proposition: the box. With only 24 hours to make their choice, Norma and Arthur face an impossible moral dilemma. What they don't realize is that no matter what they decide, terrifying consequences will have already been set in motion. They soon discover that the ramifications of this decision are beyond their control and extend far beyond their own fortune and fate.

British release date: December 04, 2009
Us release date: November 06, 2009

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Us poster from the movie The Box

Main Cast

  • Norma Lewis
  • Arthur Lewis
  • Arlington Steward
  • Norm Cahill
  • Dick Burns
  • Walter Lewis
  • Dana
  • Lana Burns
  • Clymene Steward
  • Rhonda Martin
  • Martin Teague
  • Wendel Matheson
  • Rebecca Matheson
  • Vick Brenner
  • Charles



$25 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$26 341 000

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