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The Borrower




An alien criminal is condemnee by his cognates to the worst sentence : it has been genetically modified to become a form of primitive life : a human being ! But the process is quiet unstable and the lesser aggression of his body provokes a horrible metamorphose. Exile on planet Earth, he is quickly going to replace his head that has an annoying tendency to explode...

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French poster from the movie The Borrower

Main Cast

  • Diana Pierce
  • Charles Krieger
  • Bob Laney
  • Julius
  • Scully
  • Capitaine Scarcelli
  • Connie
  • Dr. Cheever
  • Borrower / Human
  • Alien Pilot
  • Kip
  • Astrid
  • Michelle Chodiss
  • Ruben Whitefeather
  • Druggie

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