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Bone Eater




A construction worker breaks ground on what is said to be an Indian holy ground. The crew soon uncovers an ancient artifact and removes it from the earth, unleashing an evil spirit known as the Bone Eater. With every victim, the Bone Eater grows more powerful. Sheriff Evans, his daughter, and the town doctor seek the help of a wise Indian girl to uncover the secret before it's too late!

Us release date: February 09, 2008

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Bone Eater

Main Cast

  • Neil Miller
  • Chuck Hansen
  • Sheriff Evans
  • Kelly Evans
  • Jimmy Winger
  • Deputy Roberts
  • Henry
  • Big Jim Burns
  • Dex Pomeroy
  • Commissioner Hayes
  • Rachel LeGrand
  • Storm Cloud
  • Milo Sachetti
  • Doctor
  • Coroner



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