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Body Snatchers




In charge of supervising the recycling of chemical products, Steve Malone installs in a military base in Alabama with his family. His daughter Marti makes friendship with Jenn, the Colonel's daughter and falls in love with Tim, a young helicopter pilot. Nevertheless, strange phenomena happen in the base and Andy, the Marti's cadet brother, seems to fear to go to school. Soon they discover that aliens seize bodies and spirits of residents. Carol, Marti's mother-in-law is the first to be possessed. She is metamorphosed in a kind of automaton who terrorizes her family...

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Us release date: January 28, 1994

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Us poster from the movie Body Snatchers

Main Cast

  • Steve Malone
  • Carol Malone
  • Marti Malone
  • Andy Malone
  • Tim Young
  • Jenn Platt
  • Général Platt
  • Mrs. Platt
  • Major Collins
  • Pete
  • Platt's Aide
  • Teacher
  • Soldier Gas Station
  • Gas Attendant
  • MP Gate Capitaine

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