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House of Time




Robert d'Eglantine, a quantum physics specialist, invites friends to his lost castle lost in the countryside to share an experience ... According to his calculations, at 11:37 p.m., a rift will opens in the space-time continuum, and will screen 70 years ago, in May 1944, during the German occupation of France. Role game or true time traval ? The events that take place during their stay could change the course of time ...

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French release date: January 13, 2016

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French poster from the movie House of Time

Main Cast

  • Zack Finkelstein
  • Catherine Bénichou
  • Mathilde Barthélém
  • Robert d'Eglantine
  • Louis Legarec
  • Elsa Orsic
  • Lynn Fooley
  • Philippe Pétin
  • Hans Kammler
  • Otto Pupendorf
  • Soldat allemand #1
  • Soldat allemand #2



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