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Blake's 7




Life in a domed city of the future is safe and comfortable for Roj Blake, until the day he discovers his true identity - that of a former resistance leader, now brainwashed by the Federation and living someone else's lie. Before he can act on this revelation he is arrested, sentenced to imprisonment for crimes he did not commit and bound for the prison colony of Cygnus Alpha.

While captive onboard the prison ship 'London' he meets Jenna, a smuggler, Vila a small-time thief, Gan the 'friendly giant' and Avon, a cynical computer expert. Together they manage to escape their captors by commandeering an alien vessel known as the Liberator, a powerful ship that is guided by an on-board computer, Zen, and are joined by a further recruit known as Cally, a resistance fighter and telepath.

British release date: January 02, 1978

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Unknown artwork from the series Blake's 7 (Blakes 7)

Main Cast

  • Vila Restal
  • Kerr Avon
  • Zen
  • Cally
  • Servalan
  • Roj Blake
  • Jenna Stannis
  • Del Tarrant
  • Dayna Mellanby


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