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Biohazard: The Alien Force




What begins as the latest experiment in genetic engineering quickly turns into a biological nightmare. After escaping from Donald Brady (Chris Mitchum), the ruthless mutant creature goes on a devastating rampage. The creature hunts down its human tissue donors and kills them for the spinal fluid it desperately needs to survive. Hot on the creature's trail is former Triton security chief, Mike Reardon (Steve Zurk) and newspaper reporter Nicki Carstairs (Susan Fronsoe). They set out to find the monster before the scientists can recapture the creature and mate it with a female. If mating occurs, a new generation of mutants, capable of completely destroying mankind, will conquer the world.

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French poster from the movie Biohazard: The Alien Force

Main Cast

  • The BioMonster
  • Det. Morley
  • Caitlan Palmer
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Shana Alexander
  • Donner
  • Quint
  • Nicki Carstairs
  • Mr. Babb
  • Mutating Pregnant Wife
  • Male Model
  • Kelly
  • Ryan Palmer
  • Brandon Wellesley
  • Lt. Warren


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No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Biohazard II (inc)

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