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The Apple




When folk singers Alphie and Bibi enter the World Vision song contest, their wholesome appeal catches the evil eye of music mogul Mr. Boogalow, a Faustian fiend who promises the pair fame and fortune. Seduced by Boogalow's devilish denizens, Bibi surrenders her soul and soon becomes a superstar...and a pawn in Boogalow's plot to take over the planet with the power of pop music! Now, Alphie must free Bibi from Boogalow...and save the world from rock-and-roll ruin!

Us release date: November 21, 1980

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Us poster from the movie The Apple

Main Cast

  • Bibi
  • Alphie
  • Pandi
  • Dandi
  • Mr. Topps / Hippie Leader
  • Boogalow
  • Shake
  • Landlady
  • Bulldog
  • James Clark
  • Joe Pittman
  • Vampire / Star Rock / Mr. Bo
  • Ashley / Dancer
  • Fatdog
  • Clark James

Also Known As

  • Star Rock (inc)
  • Яблоко (inc)

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