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Beyond Re-Animator




After causing the Miskatonic University Massacre, Dr. Herbert West has been serving a prison sentence for the past 14 years. Far from overcoming his scientific obsession with bringing dead organisms back to life, he has had no choice but to continue his experiments on the only specimens he can find in his cell: rats. When Howard, a new young doctor, comes to work as the prison MD and requests his assistance, Dr. West discovers the young protégé has something he left behind 14 years ago...

Spanish release date: July 25, 2003
Us release date: April 23, 2003

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Us poster from the movie Beyond Re-Animator

Main Cast

  • Dr. Herbert West
  • Young Howard 'Howie' Phillip
  • Dr. Howard Phillips
  • Emily Phillips
  • Laura Olney
  • Kitchen Zombie
  • Cop 1
  • Speedball
  • Sergeant Moncho
  • Cabrera
  • Moses
  • Warden Brando
  • Officer Falcon
  • Nurse Vanessa
  • Winni


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