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Beast from Haunted Cave




A group of thieves arrive in the snowbound town of Deadwood, South Dakota and they have no intention on vacationing... they're planning a giant gold heist. Exploding a bomb in a nearby mine to create a diversion, they successfully rob the local bank... and unknowingly unleash a creature from the bowels of Hell itself! The group hires a ski instructor to take them to an isolated cabin and, as night falls, they fight for their lives as the foul creature hunts them down... kidnapping and sucking all the blood from its victims in the mysterious "haunted" cave!

Us release date: October 30, 1959

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Us poster from the movie Beast from Haunted Cave

Main Cast

  • Gil Jackson
  • Gypsy Boulet
  • Alexander Ward
  • Byron Smith
  • Marty Jones
  • Natalie, the bar-girl
  • The Beast / A Bartender
  • Jill Jackson

Also Known As

  • Чудовище из Проклятой пещеры (inc)
  • Creature from the Cave (us)

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