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The Being




In a small Idaho community, a young boy mutates after coming into contact with toxic waste and starts killing the townspeople. The police chief and a government scientist investigate the killings, but when they learn of the monster behind the madness, can they stop him before they become his next victims?

Us release date: November 18, 1983

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Unknown artwork from the movie The Being

Main Cast

  • Garson Jones
  • Laurie
  • Mortimer Lutz
  • Mayor Gordon Lane
  • Marge Smith
  • Virginia Lane
  • Arn
  • Willis
  • John
  • Officer Dudley
  • Jenny
  • Suzie
  • Monster
  • Doper #1
  • Doper #2

Also Known As

  • The Pottsville Horror (inc)
  • Freak (inc)
  • Easter Sunday (inc)
  • Beauty and the Beast (us)

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