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The Beast of Yucca Flats




Noted Russian nuclear scientist Joseph Javorsky escapes to the United States with "Top Secret" Soviet documents. U.S. Army personnel accompany him to the Yucca Flats Atomic Testing Grounds, but Soviet agents are in hot pursuit! They run Javorsky's car off the road, right into the bomb testing site. During the ensuing gunfight, an H-bomb detonation kills everyone, except Javorsky, who is tranformed into a crazed atomic-mutated beast on a bloodthirsty rampage!

Us release date: May 02, 1961

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Us poster from the movie The Beast of Yucca Flats

Main Cast

  • Hank Radcliffe
  • Lois Radcliffe
  • Jim Archer
  • Joe Dobson
  • Wife on Vacation
  • Randy Radcliffe
  • Art Radcliffe
  • KGB Driver / Helpful Neighbo
  • Javorsky's Bodyguard
  • Husband on Vacation
  • KGB Passenger
  • Driver Run off Road
  • Javorsky's Driver
  • Man who Reports Murder
  • Man at Airfield

Also Known As

  • The Atomic Monster: The Beast of Yucca Flats (inc)
  • Чудовище из долины Юкка (inc)
  • Girl Madness (us)
  • The Violent Sun (us)

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