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The Beach Girls and the Monster




At California's Malibu Beach, you'll find everything: hot, hunky, sun-bronzed surfers; bikini-clad chicks stacked to Pasadena; rock n' rollers; beatniks; booze; beer and something else--a hideous reptilian monster with a hunger for bitchin' babes...

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Us poster from the movie The Beach Girls and the Monster

Main Cast

  • Dr. Otto Lindsay
  • Vicky Lindsay
  • Mark
  • Jane
  • Richard Lindsay
  • Sheriff Michaels
  • Sue
  • Bunny
  • Brad
  • Deputy Scott
  • Tom
  • Lui-même

Also Known As

  • Invisible Terror (inc)
  • Monster from the Surf (us)
  • Surf Terror (us)

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