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Battle Los Angeles




On February 25th 1942, just after 2am, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed something in the skies above Los Angeles. US army planes scrambled to intercept, while anti-aircraft guns fired over 1,500 rounds for more than two hours. The object was never hit, then it disappeared. The president was briefed and ordered an investigation. Finally the government dismissed the incident and the story was forgotten. The truth behind these real events has never been explained...

British release date: March 11, 2011
Us release date: March 11, 2011

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Us poster from the movie Battle Los Angeles

Main Cast

  • Ssgt. Michael Nantz
  • 2nd Lt. William Martinez
  • Cpl. Lee Imlay
  • Cpl. Jason Lockett
  • LCpl. Peter Kerns
  • Cpl. Nick Stavrou
  • Cpl. Kevin Harris
  • LCpl. Steven Mottola
  • Michele
  • Pfc. Shaun Lenihan
  • Corpsman Jibril Adukwu
  • Hector Rincon
  • Joe Rincon
  • TSgt. Elena Santos
  • LCpl. Richard Guerrero


$70 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$212 005 000

Also Known As

  • Battle: Los Angeles (inc)
  • World Invasion: Battle LA (inc)
  • World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (inc)

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