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Batman Begins




Batman begins explores the origins of the legend of Batman and the birth of the Black Knight who fights to make the good reign in Gotham. Following the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne crosses the world to fight injustice and those who make terror reign in the world. Back to Gotham, he becomes Batman, retributive masked who uses his force, his intelligence and an arsenal of high-tech instruments to fight the forces of evil that threaten the city. » Get more informations…

British release date: June 16, 2005
Us release date: June 15, 2005

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Us poster from the movie Batman Begins

Main Cast

  • Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Alfred
  • Ducard
  • Rachel Dawes
  • Jim Gordon
  • Dr. Jonathan Crane
  • Carmine Falcone
  • Earle
  • Ra's Al Ghul
  • Flass
  • Thomas Wayne
  • Lucius Fox
  • Finch
  • Judge Faden
  • Loeb



$150 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$373 298 000

Also Known As

  • Party In Fresno (inc)
  • Batman comienza (inc)
  • Batman 5 (us)
  • Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience (us)
  • Batman: Intimidation (us)
  • The Intimidation Game (us)

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