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The original Batman serial from the early 1940s follows the development of the Caped Crusader during his early days, as he fights to find his place in society. This extends to both his capacity as billionaire corporate head in charge of his father's company, as well as the vigilante savior to Gotham City. Bruce Wayne and his trusty sidekick Robin set out to do battle against the nefarious plots of Dr. Tito Daka, but Daka's reach is greater than the pair of crime fighters imagined. His radium-powered death ray can demolish anything in its path, and he has an army of electronic zombies to carry out his bidding. Dr. Daka's position as a former Japanese wartime espionage agent gave rise to what some call racism in these shows, but these plot conceits are reflective of the cultural fears of the time.

Us release date: July 16, 1943

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Us poster from the series Batman

Main Cast

  • Batman / Bruce Wayne
  • Robin / Richard 'Dick' Grays
  • Dr. Tito Daka / Prince Daka
  • Linda Page


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Also Known As

  • An Evening with Batman and Robin (us)
  • The Batman (us)

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