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Baron of Terror




The year is 1661. Baron Vitelius (Abel Salazar) stands accused of consorting with the devil. The penalty: death. Cursing his inquisitors as they burn him at the stake, the Baron’s revenge comes 300 years later, in the form of a horrifying fork-tongued incarnation of the Baron, hellbent on devouring the brains of the descendents of those who killed him. As bodies pile up, the police become mystified. Who is draining the skulls of local call-girls and well-to-do banquet-goers alike? And, more importantly, how many flamethrowers will it take to stop him?

Mexican release date: November 09, 1962

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Mexican poster from the movie Baron of Terror (El barón del terror)

Main Cast

  • Baron Vitelius d'Estera
  • Chica asesinada en restauran
  • Comandante / lead detective
  • Indalecio Pantoja / Sebasti&
  • Prof. Saturnino Millán
  • Médico forense / Forens
  • Señora Meneses
  • Baltasar de Meneses / Luis M
  • Reynaldo Miranda / Marcos Mi
  • Lic. Francisco Coria
  • Espectadora hoguera / Townsw
  • Detective
  • Doña Mariquita / Townsw
  • Ana Luisa del Vivar
  • Bibliotecario


Also Known As

  • Brainiac (us)
  • The Brainiac (us)

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