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District 13




Paris, 2010. An isolation wall surrounds the ghetto cities. Without effective law enforcement, within these walls, gang rule is absolute. Damien is a member of an elite police squadron, a special unit highly trained in martial arts and the precise physical skills necessary to navigate the treacherous urban landscape of Paris' future. He is now tasked with the most vital and dangerous mission of his career: to retrieve a loose nuke stolen by the most powerful gang of District B13. Leïto, a vigilante criminal whose only goal is to save his sister from the clutches of the same gang, knows District B13 like the back of his hand. Assigned to infiltrate the sector to defuse the bomb, Damien must convince Leïto to join his cause. Yet everything is not quite as it seems. Who exactly works for whom? Who is really pulling the strings? Above all, who profits from the use of this bomb?

French release date: November 10, 2004
British release date: July 07, 2006
Us release date: June 02, 2006

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Us poster from the movie District 13 (Banlieue 13)

Main Cast


$15 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$11 208 000

Also Known As

  • B13 - Banlieue 13 (fr)
  • District B13 (int)

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