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Babylon 5: The Gathering




It all started here. Babylon 5 is a space station in the late 23rd Century - a centre of diplomacy and trade, in neutral space located between many rival space empires. The project's success, already shaky is put further in doubt when incoming Commander Jeffrey Sinclair is the key suspect in the attempted assassination of the mysterious alien ambassador Kosh...

Us release date: February 22, 1993

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Us poster from the TV movie Babylon 5: The Gathering

Main Cast

  • Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
  • Lt. Cmdr. Laurel Takashima
  • Michael Garibaldi
  • Delenn
  • Carolyn Sykes
  • Del Varner
  • The Senator
  • Londo Mollari
  • G'Kar
  • Dr. Benjamin Kyle
  • Lyta Alexander
  • Eric Hazeltine
  • Traveler
  • Dome Tech #2
  • Dome Tech #3

Also Known As

  • B5 (us)
  • Babylon 5 (us)

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