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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.




Brisco, a tough-as-rawhide cowpoke, debonair ladies' man and Harvard-educated smarty-britches roams from Frisco to Jalisco in pursuit of outlaws who killed his father... and in search of a mysterious orb possessing out-of-this world powers. Hot lead and cool anachronisms await Brisco as he and his sidekicks - including Comet, the intellectual equine who doesn't know he's a horse - fight for justice in the way, way, way-out West...

British release date: July 15, 1994
Us release date: August 07, 1993

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Unknown artwork from the series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Main Cast

  • Brisco County Jr.
  • Lord Bowler
  • Socrates Poole
  • Comet

Also Known As

  • Brisco County Jr. (inc)

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