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Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton, an old test pilot for the army, is miniaturized. Piloting a submerisible, he is to be injected into the body of a rabbit. But just as Dr. Ozzie Wexler was about to inject Tuck into the rabbit, the center is attacked. Victor Scrimshaw and Dr. Margaret Canker want to steal valuable microchips, which are keys to the miniaturization process. They succeed in stealing one of the chips, but the other has been miniaturized along with the submarine. Dr. Wexler succeeds in escaping from the center with the syringe containing the submarine, Tuck, and the chip, but he is pursued by Mr. Iago, a hired thug of Scrimshaw. Wexler's escape leads him to a busy shopping center. Unable to escape from Iago, Wexler injects Tuck and his submersible into Jack Putter, an overworked supermarket employee who was ready to go on holiday...

British release date: November 27, 1987
Us release date: July 01, 1987

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Us poster from the movie Innerspace

Main Cast

  • Lt. Tuck Pendleton
  • Jack Putter
  • Lydia Maxwell
  • Victor Eugene Scrimshaw
  • Dr. Margaret Canker
  • Mr. Igoe
  • The Cowboy
  • Wendy
  • Pete Blanchard
  • Dr. Greenbush
  • Mr. Wormwood
  • Ozzie Wexler
  • Dr. Niles
  • Lydia's Editor
  • Duane

Also Known As

  • Внутреннее пространство (inc)

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