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The X Files




Special Agent Dana Scully, a medical doctor and instructor at the FBI Academy in Virginia, receives instructions to report to Chief Scott Blevins in Washington. Blevins assigns Scully to investigate--and debunk--an unassigned project dubbed "The X-Files," a burial ground for mysterious, unsolved FBI cases linked to the paranormal.

Scully is instructed to contact Fox Mulder, an agent who has become obsessed with investigating the otherwise forgotten X-File cases. Mulder displays a particular interest in a series of mysterious deaths scattered across the United States linked by one common clue: two strange red marks on the victims' skin...

British release date: January 26, 1994
Us release date: September 10, 1993

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Unknown poster from the series The X Files

Also Known As

  • Untitled X-Files Revival (inc)
  • Untitled X Files Reboot (inc)
  • The X-Files (us)

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