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Aux frontières du possible




Based in Nice, France, the International Office of Scientific Prevention (IOSP) sends its agents all around the world to inquire on strange facts that could represent a danger for humanity. Their agents, scientist Yan Thomas and his assistant Barbara Andersen, will have to solve some mysteries such of diamonds growing on trees, astronauts strange illness, unexplained sinking ships, or flying saucers encounters…

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French release date: October 04, 1971
German release date: January 12, 1973

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Unknown artwork from the series Aux frontières du possible

Main Cast

  • Yan Thomas
  • Courtenay-Gabor
  • Barbara Andersen
  • La secrétaire
  • Chalier


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Es geschah übermorgen (rfa)
  • Grenzfälle - Es geschah übermorgen (rfa)

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