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Altered States




Scientist William Hurt explores the avenues of altered consciousness, dabbling in tribal drug rituals and sensory deprivation tanks. But mental changes begin to affect him physically and he hallucinates back to the event of his birth, slowly regressing into primitive stages of human evolution... and beyond.

Us release date: December 25, 1980

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Us poster from the movie Altered States

Main Cast

  • Eddie Jessup
  • Emily Jessup
  • Arthur Rosenberg
  • Mason Parrish
  • Echeverria
  • Primal Man
  • Sylvia Rosenberg
  • Hobart
  • The Brujo
  • Margaret Jessup
  • Grace Jessup
  • Hector Orteco
  • Obispo
  • Schizophrenic Patient
  • Young Rosenberg


Also Known As

  • Другие ипостаси (inc)

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