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Beware! The Blob




A geologist unwittingly brings home an unusual frozen piece of debris from the North Pole. But

when it accidentally thaws, the hungrier-than-ever blood-red Blob comes to life again, consuming nearly everyone in its path and terrorizing the town.

No one is safe as it crawls into a bowling alley and oozes its way across an ice rink, becoming grotesquely bloated with the blood of its victims. Can

this bizarre creature ever be stopped?

Us release date: June 21, 1972

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Us poster from the movie Beware! The Blob

Main Cast

  • Bobby Hartford
  • Lisa Clark
  • Edward Fazio
  • Shérif Jones
  • Coiffeur
  • Chester Hargis
  • Jeune Hobo
  • Leslie
  • Mariane Hargis
  • Joe, invité déguisé d
  • Adjoint Kelly Davis
  • Adolescent à la barbe
  • Adjoint Williams
  • Scout Adleman
  • The Naked Turk

Also Known As

  • Beware of the Blob (inc)
  • Son of Blob (uk)
  • Son of the Blob (us)

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