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Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman




Deceived by her husband, humiliated by her father, Nancy Archer can't take anymore. One evening, while driving down a lonely road, she sees a flying saucer hover above her. When she tells others of what she saw, nobody believes her... Investigations by the Sheriff reveal no trace of the landing.

One day, she takes her husband to the place of the encounter, and before his eyes the saucer comes back and zaps her...she disappears, snatched by the mysterious spaceship. He drives back home, confused, afraid, at what had happened...she was telling the truth afterall! Later that evening back at home, while Nancy is in full discussion with her father and her cheating, devious boyfriend, she suddenly begins to grow and grow, reaching more than 15 meters in a matter of seconds. Soon she is 50ft tall, and now living in the barn because no other place was big enough to accomodate her. This sweet and inoffensive young lady is going to profit from this sudden surge of superiority, and will finally take revenge on her family...things are going to go HER way for a change!

British release date: July 01, 1994
Us release date: December 11, 1993

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French poster from the TV movie Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman

Main Cast

  • Nancy Archer
  • Harry Archer
  • Hamilton Cobb
  • Dr. Theodora Cushing
  • Louise 'Honey' Par
  • Dr. Victor Loeb
  • Sheriff Denby
  • Deputy Charlotte 'Charl
  • Mr. Ingersol
  • Alien Woman #2
  • Second Man
  • Reporter
  • Prospector Eddie
  • Co-pilot #1
  • Tony

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