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To the Stars by Hard Ways




The Starship Pushkin, boldly going where no man has gone before, finds an abandoned vessel in deep space filled with the decaying bodies of humanoids. There is, however, one surviving member of the crew, a gynoid named Niya, who seeks the help of earthlings to restore her now severely polluted home planet of Dessa to its natural splendor...

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Us poster from the movie To the Stars by Hard Ways (Cherez ternii k zvyozdam)

Main Cast

  • Niyya
  • Cadet Stepan Lebedev
  • Sergei Lebedev
  • Maria Pavlovna
  • Petr Petrovich
  • Professor Nadezhda Ivanova
  • Professor Klimov
  • Dreier
  • Navigator Kolotin
  • Ambassador Rakan
  • Torki
  • Glan
  • Turanchoks
  • ...
  • Liy

Also Known As

  • Per Aspera Ad Astra (inc)
  • Die Frau aus dem All (inc)
  • Humanoid Woman (inc)
  • Angely kosmosa (inc)
  • Niyya - iskusstvennyy chelovek (inc)
  • Через тернии к звёздам (inc)
  • Angels of Space (inc)
  • Niyya: Artificial Person (inc)

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