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Atom Man vs. Superman




Kent/Superman is pitted against bald-pated Lex Luthor, who, disguised as Atom Man, threatens to devastate Metropolis with any number of devilish devices-the deadliest of which is a disintegration machine. Luthor stumbles onto Superman's Achilles' heel: Kryptonite. Once our hero has been exposed to this fatal ore, Metropolis becomes a wide-open town for criminals of all varieties. But Superman regains his full powers in time to stop Luthor from laying waste to Metropolis with his latest demon machine, a sonic vibrator. (Hal Erickson)

Us release date: July 20, 1950

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Us poster from the movie Atom Man vs. Superman

Main Cast

  • Superman / Clark Kent
  • Lois Lane
  • Luthor / The Atom Man
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Perry White
  • Foster
  • Albor
  • Carl
  • Baer
  • Dorr [Chs. 1, 6, 9]
  • Lawson [Chs. 1-4]
  • Earl [Chs. 10-12]

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