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Atomic Cyborg




The professor mosley is a talented scientist worried to protect the environment. He struggles against Turner, a manufacturer without recluse who wants to erect constructions in already overpopulated areas. The manufacturer does not want to be slowed down by the scientist and he pays killers to get rid of him. A cyborg (paco) has to do the job but it won't succeed in killing the scientist under the police protection. Furious Turner orders the destruction of the android that escapes and finds refuge in Linda's motel...

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Italian release date: August 09, 1986
Us release date: August 29, 1986

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French poster from the movie Atomic Cyborg (Vendetta dal futuro)

Main Cast

  • Paco Queruak
  • Linda
  • Peter Howell
  • Raul Morales
  • Cooper
  • ...
  • Eddie
  • Professeur Olster
  • ...
  • Anatola Blanco
  • Dr. Peckinpah
  • Francis Turner

Also Known As

  • Fists of Steel (inc)
  • Mani di pietra (it)
  • Hands of Steel (us)

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