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Atlantis, the Lost Continent




In ancient Greece. The young Demetrios saves a young grilm from death, who is nothing more than the princess Antillia, from Atlantis. Demetrios accepts to bring her back to her home. But when they arrive, Antillia discovers that Zaren, the War Minister, has taken her father's place...

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Us release date: May 03, 1961

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Us poster from the movie Atlantis, the Lost Continent

Main Cast

  • Demetrios
  • Princesse Antillia
  • Zaren
  • Capitaine des gardes
  • Azor le Grand Prêtre
  • Sonoy l'Astrologue
  • Chirurgien
  • Roi Kronas
  • Petros, le père de Demetrio
  • Xandros l'esclave grec
  • Narratuer / multiples voix

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