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Knocked unconscious in a savage desert battle, Captain St. Avit of the French Foreign Legion, is astounded when he awakens in the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Now an immense maze of tunnels and chambers hidden below the Sahara, the vast populace worships and serves their goddess, Queen Antinea. St. Avit is summoned to the Queen's chambers where he is challenged to a chess game with extremely high stakes. If he wins he is free to go, if he loses he will be put to death. Nevertheless, St. Avit falls desperately in love with the Queen, leading to a fate so twisted and awful, that death would have been far kinder. (Oldies)

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Unknown artwork from the movie L'Atlantide

Main Cast

  • Antinéa
  • Le capitaine de Saint-Avit
  • Tanit Zerga
  • Lt. Ferrières
  • L'hetman de Jitomir
  • Ivar Torstenson
  • Le capitaine Morhange
  • Clémentine
  • Journaliste
  • Elle-même
  • ...

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