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The Earth shakes violently. The tremors are caused by the undersea Mu Empire, a belligerent dominion seeking to reclaim their rule above sea level. The Muans are aided and protected in their crusade by their God Manda, a gigantic sea serpent dragon. But all hopes rest on Captain Jinguji and his super submarine Atragon to stop the Muans - yet the captain has no interest in committing his submarine to battle against the Mu Empire. That is, until the Muans kidnap his daughter. Now the Atragon, equipped with a high-powered freeze ray and the capability of flight, must face the apocalyptic weapons of the Mu Empire to save humanity!

Japanese release date: December 22, 1963
Us release date: March 11, 1965

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Us poster from the movie Atragon (Kaitei gunkan)

Main Cast

  • Photographe Susumu Hatanaka
  • Makoto Jinguji, la fille du
  • Yoshito Nishibe
  • Amiral à la retraite Kosumi
  • Capitaine Hachiro Jinguji
  • Journaliste / Agent Mu
  • Détective
  • Tome 'Amano' Amanoshome
  • Agent Mu n°23
  • Grand Prêtre de Mu
  • Impératrice de Mu
  • Shindo, scientifique kidnapp
  • Officiel de Gouvernement
  • Commandant de la Défense
  • Chauffeur de taxi

Also Known As

  • Atoragon: Flying Supersub (inc)
  • Flying Supersub Atoragon (inc)
  • Undersea Battleship (int)

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