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The Astro-Zombies




A mad astro-scientist reviving corpses at his laboratory in a secluded mansion, two gore-crazed, solar-powered killer robot zombies, a bloody trail of girl-next-door victims, Chinese communist spies and deadly Mexican secret agents led by the insanely voluptuous Tura Satana and intrepid CIA agent Wendell Corey hot on their trail and trying to figure it all out!

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Unknown poster from the movie The Astro-Zombies

Main Cast

  • Holman
  • Dr. DeMarco
  • Eric Porter
  • Janine Norwalk
  • Satana
  • Juan
  • Chuck Edwards
  • Dr. Petrovich
  • Franchot
  • Tyros
  • Sergio Demozhenin
  • Femme tuée dans le garage
  • Det. Thompson
  • Lynn
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Space Vampires (us)
  • Space Zombies (us)

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