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The Road to Hong Kong




Vaudevillians Harry and Chester travel to Tibet to search for a drug to restore Chester's memory. Once they find the cure, Chester's memory becomes so good that he accidentally memorizes a secret formula for space navigation. Soon the two meet up with a beautiful spy and get slightly sidetracked... to another planet!

Us release date: May 22, 1962

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Us poster from the movie The Road to Hong Kong

Main Cast

  • Harry Turner
  • Chester Babcock
  • Diane
  • Leader of the 3rd Echelon
  • Dr. Zorbb
  • Grand Lama
  • American Official
  • Mr. Ahso
  • 3rd Echelon Receptionist
  • Jhinnah
  • American Official
  • Ming Toy
  • Blonde at Airport
  • Poon Soon
  • Dorothy Lamour



Also Known As

  • Дорога в Гонконг (inc)

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