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Boulder, Colorado, the astronomer Lily McKee and her team at the National Observatory follow the track of the Fletcher comet, that is visible only once every four thousand years. But this comet has disturbed the orbital tracks of several asteroids, that may now be on a collision course with earth. Lily McKee is henceforth persuaded that one of the asteroids, Helios, is extremely likely to collide with our planet in a period of forty eight hours... (correction bob)

British release date: March 01, 1997
Us release date: February 16, 1997

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Us poster from the TV movie Asteroid

Main Cast

  • Directeur FEMA Jack Wallach
  • Dr. Lily McKee
  • Elliot McKee
  • Ben Dodd
  • Adam Marquez
  • Dr. Matthew Rogers
  • Dr. Valerie Brennan
  • Karen Dodd
  • Lloyd Morgan
  • Président
  • ...
  • ...
  • Dr. Charles Napier
  • Max
  • A.J.


$20 000 000

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