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Trapped in Space




The space freighter Venture is on a routine mission. While life goes on among her crew - two women, four men and a dog - an asteroid detected by onboard instruments is on the point to enter in collision course with the ship. At that moment, Captain Michael Howard is the only member in the command room of the ship. Unfortunately he is too busy negotiating deals and other arrangements to immediately perceive the warnings of then navigation instruments. When he finally aknowledges the incurable and imminent arrival of the asteroid, it is too late to act... » Get more informations…

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French poster from the movie Trapped in Space

Main Cast

  • MacNeil
  • Grant
  • Palmer
  • Issacs
  • Gillings
  • Capitaine Michael Howard
  • 1er officier Tug
  • Pilote Tug
  • Médecin Tug
  • Présentateur IPNN
  • Présentateur IPNN
  • 1er Tugman
  • 2ème Tugman

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